The wait is over. Vision Module is here!

We just released our brand new, highly anticipated Vision Module which works with the entire edelkrone ecosystem to deliver advanced face tracking and responsive camera movements. In addition to face tracking, which is accomplished by attaching the Vision Module on edelkrone HeadPLUS v2 (or HeadPLUS v2 PRO), Vision Module packs other groundbreaking features such as arbitrary object tracking, wireless video transmission, and more. Vision Module adds fully automated tracking capability to any production, which makes working with dynamic subjects easier than ever.

Key features:

  • Instant & Advanced face tracking.
  • Arbitrary object tracking.
  • Live camera feed on multiple devices.
  • Standalone operation for live video transmission.
  • Works with free edelkrone App.
  • Introduce faces in seconds with one tap.
  • Switch between 3 saved faces while filming.
  • Utilizes camera image sensors for increased sensitivity.


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