Introducing: PocketRIG v3, Handle Pack & PhoneGRIP

Meet PocketRIG v3. A durable, reliable, and functional handheld DSLR rig solution that is designed to be light in your hands to keep you fast on your feet. We also wanted to give you a fully adjustable rig with endless customization options, so you can create the perfect setup for your specific needs.

But that's not all, we're launching an add-on and an additional companion product to give you even more options.

The PocketRIG v3 product family is introduced along with an essential add-on to take things to the next level: Handle Pack for PocketRIG v3. Handle Pack comes with 3 ergonomic handle options with extra rods hidden inside for add-ons. This makes PocketRIG v3 even more customizable, versatile, and functional.

We're also launching a companion product: PhoneGRIP, the new essential for modern videographers and content creators. PhoneGRIP is our ultra-flexible & self-standing positioning solution for smartphones, edelkrone Controllers, SSDs, and powerbanks. You can mount PhoneGRIP to the half cage of PocketRIG v3, or pair it with FlexTILT Head v3 to film on your smartphone with edelkrone sliders, dollies, jibs, and motorized heads. It comes with a flexible stand modeled after FlexTILT Head's revolutionary design, so you can use PhoneGRIP on its own. This makes it perfect to film content on the go using your smartphone, participate in live streams, or join online meetings.

Key features:

  • Modular design to customize your rig.
  • Half cage extension with adjustable rail system.
  • Foldable, extendable & detachable rods.
  • Detachable shoulder, chest & belt support.
  • Even lighter than the previous generation.
  • Handle Pack for more ergonomic gripping options & extra rods (sold separately).
  • PhoneGRIP for mounting smartphones, powerbanks & more (sold separately).


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