Improved connection & faster calibration with latest update

With the release of version 1.7.8 of the edelkrone App, we are introducing a new “Stay Connected” feature which allows the edelkrone App to remain running in the background while you are using your smartphone for other tasks.

If you receive a call or need to respond to a text, you may do so with the edelkrone App running in the background. And upon returning to the App, you can instantly resume controlling your equipment setup without spending any extra time to reconnect.

With an optional firmware update, you may select how many minutes you would like to stay connected to your setup and even turn this feature off when needed.

Turning this feature off may be advantageous if you are shooting with a crew and more than one phone is being used to control the setup.

With version 1.7.8 of the edelkrone App, edelkrone products will not require the calibration process for Keypose mode, for an even faster workflow.

If you only need to use Pose transitions, the edelkrone App will no longer prompt you to choose whether your slider is on ground or on tripod, straighten your head unit, type in arm length of a jib, or select your lens.

All of this information is only necessary for Target Mode and the Numeric Control feature. If you are not going to use these features, skipping these steps allows you to start using your setup even faster. If you would like to use Target Mode or the Numeric control feature, edelkrone App will automatically ask for the necessary calibration procedures.

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