edelkrone Motion Ecosystem 101

edelkrone Motion Ecosystem 101
Looking at edelkrone solely as camera heads, sliders, jibs, dollies will result in missing the actual value and benefits we offer. We have developed an ecosystem focused not on individual products, but on the benefits offered through these products working harmoniously with each other. In other words, we have created an intricate storytelling ecosystem, impossible to notice just by looking at individual products, meticulously thought out and carefully developed over the years. We will be sharing with you on this page our general perspective on camera movement, the unique features of our product ecosystem that cannot be found anywhere else, and its equally unique ease of use.

● You can either directly connect to edelkrone devices one by one and control them individually or your can first group them and then connect them to the App and control the group together.
● You can group any configuration of devices, as long as it does not contain more than one of the slider, jib, or dolly products, and not more than one of the HeadONE or HeadPLUS products. If the device you want to group has modules like Pan Module for jibONE or Focus/Zoom module for HeadPLUS you can add them to the group without any problem. You can even add a second HeadONE if you already have one HeadONE in the group.
● Once you group devices they stay grouped until one of the devices in the group is turned off.

● With the keypose feature you can record the current position of the device or device group to a single button.
● After recording a keypose by pressing the button again you can recall the system back to that pose. And by pressing one keypose after another you can transition your camera from one pose to another smoothly. You can also press 2 keyposes at the same time and initiate a never ending loop
motion between these 2 keyposes.
● Once you have 3 or more keyposes recorded you can also
use the sequencer mode to trigger these keyposes in any sequence you like and individually set the speed of transition between each key pose and you can even put this sequence in to a back and forth loop.
● Keyposes can also be edited numerically afterwards. By pressing the edit button on the key pose button you can access the numerical state of each axis and update it to a different amount. If you leave the “live” switches on, you will actually see the system move as soon as you change the value. If you turn it off the system will not move to the set position until you save it and press the key pose button in a regular way.
● One last way of programming a complex camera motion is using the record feature. Once you press the record button you can then use the key pose buttons and speed acceleration adjustments and do any amount of motions one after another, and leave any amount non moving times between actions and all the action gets recorded with 100% repeatability.
● Keyposes also work in harmony with the face tracking and object tracking features which come with the addition of vision module to HeadPLUS.

● Parallax shots are arguably the most essential camera motion for effective storytelling. To achieve this camera motion camera has to move and has to pan and tilt perfectly at the same time and keep a point in the frame fixed. With the point tracking feature you can make your camera track any point in the space while the camera is moving on a slider, jib or dolly. Point tracking uses realtime inverse kinematic calculations to predict the cameras pan and tilt motions. This method is unique to edelkrone motion systems and since it uses no image processing, it is currently the best performing and most reliable parallax video solution ot in the market.
● As long as you have paired your HeadPLUS with a motorized Slider, Jib or Dolly you can take advantage of the Point Tracking feature.
● To use this feature first you have to set your Points. It is very easy. To set a Point press and hold on the Point button, show the Point from 1 angle press ok and then move your camera another position and show the point from this new perspective again and press ok. And that’s it. Your point is set.
● By pressing the Point button which you have previously set, you can activate the Point Tracking. As long as the point tracking is active you can push your camera to any position and the HeadPLUS will dynamically pan and tilt to keep the point fixed in the frame and this will give amazing parallax shots.
● If you have Focus/Zoom Module you can attach it on the FOCUS ring of your lens and get automatic focus tracking when your camera moves closer to or further away from the point being tracked.
● And if you attach the focus/zoom module on the ZOOM ring of your lens, you can assign different zoom amounts to each Point Button.
● Point Tracking works in harmony with the Position Buttons. Position Buttons are similar to keypose buttons but they do not record the positions of HeadPLUS and Focus/Zoom module. So once you trigger a position button only the jib, slider or dolly moves and once you trigger the point buttons the head and focus/zoom module starts functioning and this way you can separately trigger the cameras linear motions and cameras head motions. This gives very flexible and instantaneous story telling possibilities with amazing parallax shots and high quality production sensation.
● While point tracking is active you can update the position of the point in the frame with the pan/tilt joystick. And you can focus shift or zoom shift using the focus/zoom controls. This gives you flexible update options on the go.
● You can also add Target Module to your HeadPLUS to speed up the Point teaching process. With the target module instead of showing the point from 2 different perspectives you can just mark the point with the laser meter and press ok. Making the teaching process faster.
● Point Tracking also work in harmony with the face tracking
and object tracking features which come with the addition of vision module to HeadPLUS.

● Whenever you trigger a keypose button, position button or Point button the transition happens at the speed you set it to from the speed and acceleration section. So it is very important to be careful with the speed and acceleration adjustment before triggering a transition. One important detail is that by double tapping any of these buttons you can set the speed to 100% just for that transition.
● If you are activating a group of products, the speed of all the motors in the devices are set according to the slowest motor in the group. This is the reason why sometimes you get a faster response from some devices when used alone but slower response when used in a group. Sometimes additional speed limits are introduced depending on how you group the objects. To lift such speed limits you can go to settings section of the app and select the box accordingly.

● Regardless if you are on keypose mode or Point Tracking mode, once you attach the Vision Module on HeadPLUS you get Face Tracking and Object Tracking features added on your control screen and you can use these features in harmony with the current keypose or point buttons on your screen.
● You can press on track face button any time there is a face in the frame. Once face tracking is active, however the face moves in frame HeadPLUS will automatically pan and tilt accordingly to keep the face in upper third center in the frame. While the face tracking is active you can tap anywhere in the frame to reposition the face to the tapped position in the frame.
● While the face tracking is active you can also use left and
right direction buttons to switch to a different face in either direction. Once these buttons are pressed Vision Module will try to find the next face in that direction and if there are no faces in the frame then it will pan the HeadPLUS until it finds a new face in the frame and once it finds the face it will start tracking the face automatically. If you have attached a zoom module on your lens, vision module will also start zooming out while searching for a new face to increase its chances of findin a new face and once it finds it, it will zoom back in and start tracking the new face.
● If you have attached a zoom module on your lens you can also do active zooming while face tracking.

● Object Tracking can be triggered any time by pressing the object tracking button. Once the button is pressed you will have to drag-select the object you want and then press DONE. Object tracking starts immediately. For a better object tracking performance make sure the object has enough contrast from its background and also while selecting the region try selecting inside region of the object and try not to select too much from the background. Also while tracking, if the object changes color or shape the tracking may fail. Too fast motions may also cause the tracking to fail.

● You can connect your camera to vision module with an HDMI cable and vision module can transmit this video wirelessly to an already available wifi network. If your phone is also connected to the same network then you can open the edelkrone App and view the video coming from your camera, live. Alternately if you are working outdoors Vision Module can act as a wifi port and let other devices connect to it directly.
● In the edelkrone app, you can access the video stream in two main ways. One way is from either keypose mode or point tracking mode screens and the other is from the Watch screen. Up to 5 mobile devices can stream the video coming from the vision module at the same time.

● If you have created 2 keyposes you can create a motion Time-lapse between these 2 keyposes. Also if you have recorded a motion using these keyposes, you can also convert whole of this motion in to a motion time-lapse. Lastly you can also create motion Time-lapse’s combining 1 point and 2 positions.
● Time-lapse setup screen is very straightforward. You enter for how long you want the time-lapse shooting to take and you also tell how long of a video you want as a result of the time- lapse shoot. And to define the camera motion you select the related keyposes or recorded actions or positions and points and hence complete your Time-lapse setup.
● Once your Time-lapse starts you can safely turn off your phone or tablet. Then you can connect back anytime to observe the progress finished so far.
● edelkrone offers dynamic interval feature that enables the creation of inuque time-lapse videos. This feature allows the speed of time to increase or decrease during the Time-lapse video. Despite the varying speed of events in the video, the speed of camera motion remains constant, providing a distinct viewing experience which can not be created by any of the post production techniques. This dynamic interval feature is particularly beneficial for professional time-lapse videographers aiming to distinguish themselves from competitors and present something entirely novel to their audience.

● Any camera motion that can be turned in to a Motion Time-lapse can also be turned in to a Stop Motion Animation. To create a stop motion animation first you select the related keyposes or recorded camera action or point/position combinations and then you decide the total number of frames you want to divide the whole camera action in to and then you can start triggering the poses one by one to start creating your stop motion animation. While shooting your animation you can jump to a certain frame number any time you want and shoot your animation frames in mixed order.
● edelkrone devices are also compatible to world most renowned stop motion animation software: Dragonframe. To make edelkrone devices communicate with Dragonframe software you need the edelkrone Mac/PC adapter.

360 MODE
● 360 mode allows you to take panoramic gigapixel photos as wide as 360 degrees wide. You take many photos next to each other line by line and stitch them on the computer to get ultra high resolution and wide angle shots of any environment. 360 mode becomes accessible on the edelkrone App when you connect to either HeadONE or HeadPLUS as a stand alone device without adding any other devices to the group. Once you enter this mode you can adjust your center of your gigapixel photo then select the angle to left and right, and to top and bottom of the image. You also enter the number of photos from left to right and top to bottom. This how simple and intuitive to setup your gigapixel photo shots.
● 360 mode is also useful when you want to take 360 degree photos of an object. To take such photos you have to use HeadONE and instead of placing your camera, you place your object on headone. Using a product turntable module can be very helpful to create professional results. To take 360 degree photo of an object you enter +- 180 degrees as horizontal range making 360 degrees and enter the total number of photos you want to take and that’s it.
● Just like time-lapse videos or stop-motion videos 360 mode too requires shutter trigger cables. With the help of these cables edelkrone devices can trigger your camera to take pictures at the right camera positions.
● Once you complete any 360 setup you can either choose the
auto mode for the device to take all the photos or you can use the manual mode to trigger each photo yourself manually.

● All edelkrone PLUS devices and JibONE and all their Modules are designed to act as COBOTS (Manually Teachable Camera Control System) and can be positioned manually by hand. This feature is very valuable because it saves you great time while setting up your keyposes, positions and points. Instead of using the remote control joysticks (which you can use with no problems by the way) you can interact directly with your camera, push it, raise it, pan and tilt it and even focus or zoom it without any resistance and find the perfect frame you want freely.

● If you plan to shoot for long hours and grouping many devices, since the battery lives are not the same on all devices, batteries may end at different times. This may make it difficult to manage batteries for such long shots. With Power Module you can power all edelkrone PLUS devices and JibONE and all their Modules from a single V-Mount or Gold Mount battery. This way synchronising the battery lives becomes a very easy process. You will go much longer without changing any batteries and save on setup time. With the included on/off switch on the Power Module you can turn off all devices by pressing a single button. Power Module can be strapped on a tripod leg and can power 4 devices at the same time. So it is especially great for any setup you will using on a tripod.

● All motorized edelkrone devices are designed to communicate each other wirelessly over Bluetooth. Grouping devices together is seamless and can be done very intuitively from edelkrone App. However all PLUS devices and JibONE and all their Modules also have a link port on them. Link port enables wired communication between edelkrone devices. If there is too much signal interference in the environment and the wireless connection between grouped devices gets disrupted then you can get Wired Signal Hub and convert the wireless connection into a wired connection in the device group. Wired Signal Hub comes with a hub and bunch of connection cables. You connect one end of these cables to the link ports on the devices and connect the other ends of the cables to the hub. Once you do that all the devices in the system automatically switch to super reliable wired communication. One thing to remember is; when you include a device without a link port in to the device group (any edelkrone ONE device except JibONE) wired communication in that group becomes impossible.
● One last thing to notice is, even though devices communicate with each other reliably with wires, your phone or tablet will still communicate to the whole device group wirelessly. And if you want a 100% wired setup including its controller, then you may consider getting edelkrone controller. edelkrone controller has a link port on it and it can be connected to wired signal hub and this way you can achieve a 100% wired setup.

● A device or device group can be controlled from a single controller at any given time. If you want to switch to a second controller first you need to disconnect from the previous controller by simply turning the controller off and then the device or device group will become visible from other controllers and the control can be picked up from there. All the keyposes, points, positions and speed settings and motion time-lapses are kept in the devices so when you disconnect from a device or device group the setup will continue its actions without interruption and once you connect from a different controller the current keyposes, points and positions and actions will ve accessible from the new controller.
● edelkrone App is the most capable controlling solution and
we strongly advise you to install edelkrone App to your iOS or Android phone, your tablet or Mac with M Processor and control edelkrone devices easily. If you do not want to use your mobile phone or tablet to control edelkrone devices and if you plan to use just the keyposes or if you plan to create motion Time-lapse videos by using just the keyposes then edelkrone controller is perfect for you. It helps you set up to 3 keyposes easily and transition between them easily and create motion time-lapses between these keyposes easily.
● edelkrone controller also has a link port on it. So, it can be connected to Wired Signal Hub. And help you achieve 100% wired communication between devices.
● edelkrone Web App is our final alternative to control edelkrone devices. edelkrone web app is a browser based controller. We wanted to create such a solution that runs in a browser to make it immensely compatible to all PCs and Mac computers. To run the web App you just download and run it. It will open on your default browser. For the web app to be able to see the edelkrone devices you need to have an edelkrone Mac/PC adapter. Mac/PC adapter makes it possible for your computer to communicate with edelkrone devices wirelessly. Once it is connected you will be able to see edelkrone devices on edelkrone Web App. So you can setup and operate them from your computer. Mac/PC adapter also has a link port on it, so you can connected it to wired signal hub to get 100% wire controlled setups.