#edelkroneChallenge - Join NOW & Win BIG!

#edelkroneChallenge - Create. Share. Win.

#edelkroneChallenge is live! We’ve launched a new contest to promote and celebrate talented videomakers who film with edelkrone. By joining a challenge, you can be eligible to win up to $1,250 in store credit each week and reach our community of nearly 1 million worldwide.

By entering an #edelkroneChallenge, you can win one or more of the following awards (and prizes!):

  • Best Video ($500 Store Credit)
  • Best BTS ($250 Store Credit)
  • Best Videomaker ($500 Store Credit)

Joining a challenge is as easy as 1. Create 2. Share 3. Win!

Click here to check out the #edelkroneChallenge page for more details on how you can join!

Are you up for the challenge?

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