Vertical Module

Spring-powered mechanism that assists in carrying your SliderPLUS PRO setup, allowing the Motor Module to move the SliderPLUS PRO effortlessly at any incline.

*Requires Motor Module to function properly

Whole New World of Storytelling Possibilities

Deceptively Simple, Well Balanced System.

All Mechanical

Vertical Module compensates for gravity, keeping the system weightless at any angle with the help of constant force springs. No need for extra batteries!

Heavy Lifter

Despite weighing about 1 kg, Vertical Module can lift a complete omni motion bundle with ease. In the absence of Vertical Module, you would have no choice but to carry cumbersome counterbalance weights or spend a lot of money on heavy motors and batteries to lift a system like this.

Slide into the Future

SliderPLUS Keeps Delivering 2x Motion

With the vertical module in place, SliderPlus still yields motion that is twice its length, giving you an unparalleled combination of portability and strength.

Fast & Simple Setup

Attaches Under SliderPLUS PRO Models

Vertical Module mounts under SliderPLUS PRO easily and comes with an L Bracket to level your camera or head. (Requires Motor Module, not for manual use).

Easily Counterbalance Your Equipment

The module offers 5 levels of spring tension to accommodate different equipment weight, easily adjustable by attaching the necessary number of rings to SliderPLUS's side (Side piece included with Vertical Module).

Adjust Slide Angle with the Turn of a Knob

Vertical Module utilizes an axis knob that allows for quick angle adjustments on the go.

Time-lapse & Stop Motion Ready

Vertical Module enables SliderPLUS to capture stunning time-lapses at any slide angle.

Compact. Lightweight. Game-changer.

Tech Specs

Box Content
  • - Spring Box Unit
  • - L Bracket
  • - Side Panel (with 2x attachment screws)
  • - Motor Module manual engagement knob
  • - Motor Module tension adjustment screw
Carrying Capacity

- Our system includes 5 springs, each with a maximum tension of 2.5 kg, providing a total carrying capacity of 12.5 kg.

- To determine the camera carrying capacity, simply subtract the combined weight of your SliderPLUS PRO, Motor Module, and any additional accessories from the maximum carrying capacity of 12.5 kg.


Vertical Module for SliderPLUS PRO

Precio de oferta$399