Introducing: HeadPLUS v2 & HeadPLUS v2 PRO

HeadPLUS v2 is the new motorized Pan & Tilt Head with optional add-ons: FocusPLUS PRO and Vision Module with wireless & seamless compatibility with the entire edelkrone ecosystem.

What's new with HeadPLUS v2 and HeadPLUS v2 PRO?

  • Physical power button,
  • Programmable auto power-off,
  • Information screen with instant feedback,
  • Better wireless connection with longer range,
  • Improved user experience,
  • Physical pan & tilt lock,
  • Fine-leveling adjustment knob for L-bracket, battery extender grooves,
  • New magnets under the cold shoe connector to easily snap edelkrone Controller,
  • Link port for future extensibility,
  • Optional wired connectivity with other products in edelkrone ecosystem (coming soon),
  • Control over SDK (coming soon),
  • Soon-to-be-released Vision Module is solely compatible with HeadPLUS v2 PRO.

Features that are enabled with edelkrone App & setups including HeadPLUS v2 / HeadPLUS PRO v2:

  • Fast and simple programming,
  • Smart stationary object tracking,
  • Automatic Target Tracking & Live Target Switching (advanced control with new FocusPLUS PRO),
  • Time-lapse 2.0,
  • Sequencer Feature,
  • edelkrone App / Controller / Hand Control,
  • Precise repeatable motion for VFX shots,
  • Zero noise and backlash-free,
  • HeadPLUS v2 can carry up to 10 lb (4.5 kg) whereas HeadPLUS v2 PRO can carry up to 20 lb (9 kg). It now comes with must-have add-ons such as FocusPLUS PRO and Vision Module!

HeadPLUS v2 and HeadPLUS v2 PRO are now available to buy here.

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